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Technology in Arts Marketing: From the Dark Ages of Printing to Twitter
Thursday, May 14, 2015, 5:30-7:30 PM


Every so often advances in technology occur that completely revolutionize the way we think about and do something. The printing press changed the way we published books and thought about literacy. The Model T changed the way we traveled and thought about roads and highways. When it comes to marketing, the development of the Internet and explosion of social media in recent years have made a lasting impression on how we think about advertising and promotions. In this session, we will discuss how search engine optimization and social media can impact everything in an arts and cultural context, from ticket sales to creating buzz about your work. So, whether you are a technology wiz or still stuck in the Dark Ages of printing, there are lessons for you to learn and tips for you to glean.


Moderator: Becky Keck
Presenters: Ross Morrone, YSU, College of Creative Arts and Communication and Jason Wood, Actionable Incites


Location: The Raymond John Wean Foundation,

147 West Market Street, Warren, Ohio, 44481.

Free parking is available in the Franklin Street parking deck.


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