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Copyright and Contracts for Arts Professionals
Wednesday, October 7, 2015, 5:30-7:30 PM

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Location: McDonough Museum of Art, 525 Wick Avenue, Youngstown, Ohio 44555.

This session will offer a general primer on copyright law in terms non-lawyers can understand. It provides an overview of copyright and intellectual property laws and issues, dispelling some of the common myths such as the “poor man’s copyright.” The session covers basic contract essentials that every artistic professional should insist upon before entering into any business agreement. Negotiation skills would be addressed as well. Additionally, this session will teach artists how to protect their intellectual property by reviewing common contractual clauses and uncovering their meanings. It will cover copyright issues, contract basics, and licensing issues.

Moderator: Cary Wecht
Presenter: Denise Glinatsis Bayer, Harrington, Hoppe & Mitchell, LTD. and The Legal Creative

Parking is available at the YSU M1 deck for a nominal fee.

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The Legal Creative builds the economic relationship between artist and community; so that artists are active, engaged, organized, and valued for the contributions they make.

The mission of the organization is to provide artists with the educational, business, and legal resources they need to make a living from their art. So that artists may make informed decisions regarding the economic development of their work, The Legal Creative offers educational services to artists, including seminars, workshops, one-on-one business consulting, pro bono attorney referrals, publications, and legal resources.

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