Power of the Arts is seeking a part-time coordinator to assist the Board of Directors in managing the organization and furthering it strategic plan. Click here for more information.


Artists sought for Warren: The Fine Arts Council of Trumbull County and Actionable Insights Team to Further Economic Development in our Region.


WARREN — The Fine Arts Council of Trumbull County wants to fill the empty homes and commercial properties in the city with artists, and it will have the help of an Austintown digital marketing company to do it.

Actionable Insights is developing a marketing campaign to target working artists in other major metropolitan areas and sell them on the economic benefits of moving to Warren.

“The target audience is successful artists who have a business up and running, doing well, who are in New York City, because that’s where you start,” AI President Jason Wood said. “They end up in brownstones that cost thousands of dollars a month. The geography of where you live, once you’re already rolling, becomes less important.”

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he Little Theater that Could!!

 Victorian Players 1

It was born out of a love for literature and operates more like a club. These aren’t theater people. These are literature people.

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The Butler Institute of American Art is the largest museum in the United States dedicated solely to American Art and Artists.  It houses numerous American Masterpieces painted by such artists as Norman Rockwell, Winslow Homer, Singer Sargent, and many others.  Lou Zona is its long-time Director and has built the Butler into a museum of national and international repute.   Born in New Castle, PA., he shows the strength, character and intellect of those from the Mahoning Valley. Interview done by Mark G. Mangie – Reprinted with permission of Youngstown Eats

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mahoning-valley-in-winter-pic-6Baby…It’s cold outside; but there is plenty of top-notch entertainment in the Mahoning Valley to keep you warm on those cold, snowy nights.    Click here for more information.
Any Given Child: Update from Tribune Chronicle:Warren students experience opera, ballet and classics- Click here for full article


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Power of the Arts was formed in response to the large and spirited reaction to the June 2009 program on the role of arts and culture in revitalizing communities (sponsored by The Raymond John Wean Foundation with the Community Foundation of the Mahoning Valley and The Youngstown Foundation) and held at the Butler Museum of American Art, Power of the Arts (POA) included direct input from over 250 people in the early stages through a strategic community engagement process. The number of those directly involved is approaching 1000 since the effort began, representing visual arts, performing arts, literary arts, and design arts as well as representatives of public service, community development, and private business.


We invite you to join us in our endeavor to strengten the region’s arts and culture community and to share in the many rich opportunities that our partners offer throughout Mahoning and Trumbull Counties.

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Power of the Arts has joined forces with the Mahoning and Trumbull County Tourism Bureaus to develop a comprehensive calendar that can be utilized by all of the Valley’s arts and cultural organizations to both publicize and coordinate events.  Click here to visit the calendar page.


Membership in POA – Join Today!  We have launched our first membership campaign. Now you can join us in developing support for and celebrating the rich artistic and cultural traditions that are a vital part of the Mahoning Valley’s econimic development.

Please note your first year of membership is a”freemium”  and there will be no cost to you. Enrollment period: January 1, 2016 – December 31, 2016 –  Sign up today!

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